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Angular JavaScript Development

Angular JavaScript development service otherwise known as AngularJS is the new bae that remains to be popular among developers for it not only helps to use HTML as a template language but also creates rich internet applications whilst offering its developers a client-side application.

Why choose AngularJS for your next project?

When you plan on building a large, simple and high-performance web application, AngularJS should do the job because it is cross-browser compliant, open source and completely free.

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Data Binding

Users can experience a rich and responsive interface as it Provides data binding capability to HTML, hence providing the developers to create a page application in a neat, clean, and maintainable way.


Multi support

AngularJS can run on all major browsers, smart phones, and on both Android and iOS-based phones /tablets smoothly making it very friendly in its usage version.


Built in services

AngularJS comes with several built-in services like http to create an XML HTTP request, along with synchronisation of data between model and view components


Rich internet applications

AngularJS helps the developers in creating a rich internet application making it very attractive to clients for using on a day to day basis It also provides the developers to write client side applications using JavaScript in MVC way.


Open source

AngularJS is open source, free, and capable of handling JavaScript code suitable for each browser and making it quite popular amongst thousands of developers worldwide

Website Application Development Services
Single page website

AngularJS helps in creating a single page website instead of multi pages one saving the visitors time and providing a more fluid experience.

Custom web app development

Our team has immense experience in delivering scalable and secure web apps as per your business needs.

Migration Services

Migrate your website to this cutting-edge AngularJS technology using our seamless services and stay ahead of the game.

Chat application

Chat applications have to be kept simple, fast and lightweight. AngularJS provides the right JavaScript framework to do this.

E Commerce web application

E Commerce and entertainment sites require a lot of user interaction AngularJS would be a killer option for such an application

Support & Maintenance

Our dedicated team provides round-the-clock support to keep your business running smoothly.

Why choose Rising Star Infotech as
your NodeJs App development service providers?

The developers give in not only their hard work but also their innovative technique to achieve uniqueness.

Result Driven

The team ensures that the end result found after the creation is completely client satisfied.

Tenured developers

Our tenure team puts in the right amount of effort to achieve the positive end result and happily faces all the challenges

Pocket friendly

The clients financial outline is always taken into consideration, hence the work is done accordingly.

Happy client

The satisfaction of the client is something that we don’t compromise on. And any extra measure to receive the same is taken.

After-project Support & Maintenance

We forge long-term client relations. Thus, promising you to render with appropriate after-support.

Html Development process we follow


Collecting requirements

We listen and perceive your thoughts and ideas. Do thorough research of the market trends before executing the right project model for you.



Planning and designing

We listen and perceive your thoughts and ideas. Do thorough research of the market trends before executing the right project model for you.



Execution and delivery

Using the latest technological tools and development techniques, our developers will execute and launch your project.



Optimization and Support

We will ensure the project is bug-free and optimize accordingly. Our team will also deliver the best after-project support you will require.