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IPad apps

IPad apps provide flawless performance and amazing experience for the client because as we all know Apple has always been people’s favourite and is highly revenue generating. VPN provides with the best developers for the iPad apps and hence the best to choose.

How does iPhone development differ from iPad development?

iPad and iPhone lie on two different platforms, even though It is true that both comes from the same Company and to naked eye they Look almost the same apart from their sizes but In simple layman’s words Any app programmed for iPad will work with iPhone however It may not necessarily work vice versa

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Orientation difference

When you compare iPhone and iPad both looks alike But iPhone works on portrait orientation whereas the iPad uses Landscape orientation.


User interface and experience

Having a completely content client is what we look for and iPad interface can take us right there as it gives more space to work on


App revenue

Revenue generation has always been on a taller scale for iPad App for the simple reason that the iPad app provides a larger screen size To work on creating an even larger space to fill.


Fit all size

In iPad we can fit quite a lot of content on the screen where as In iPhone there would be a space constraint and therefore might Have to fit into new views.

Our Android Development services
Custom iPad App Design

Our group of professional coders and designers aims at providing tailor-made apps to meet the clients’ requirements.

Enterprise iPad App Solutions

Providing private distribution directly to the employees using a secure internal System.

iPad app optimisation

Improving and highlighting the visibility of our app in the App Store can be taken care of with our services.

iPad migration

Assisting the client in transferring data from one system to another wirelessly or by connecting the devices manually.

iPad App testing and portability

Transferring data from one hardware platform to another and validating the complete integrated software.

iPad support and Maintenance

An app developed for technical support and assistance with maximum attention and utmost care for the clients’ benefit.

Why choose Rising Star Infotech as your iPad App Development Service Providers?
On time delivery

Time deliverance is strictly adhered to ensure significant peace of mind for the client.

Cost effective rates

A honest thought is kept in mind while creating the app to ensure not to break the bank with the costs incurred.

Quality assurance

The team throws in an extra effort to ensure not to compromise on the quality of the work.

Technical Mavericks

Our team consists of exceptionally passionate and specialist designers to provide efficient end result.

Full-cycle IT services

From designing to coding and testing to maintenance; We are your one-stop project developers.

Client satisfaction

Our Innovative apps directly lead to client satisfaction helping them to step onto the next level of progress.