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Mern Stack Development

The ease in development and flexibility is giving major popularity to mean stack application development. Being at the forefront of mean stack application development, our Mean stack developers have built cutting-edge applications and offered their expertise to clients across the globe.

Gain better business clarity with MEAN stack development

A combination of MongoDB, Express, AngularJS and NodeJS forms to be MEAN stack. It enables developers to use different technologies to yield better and faster results in the application development process. With attractive features and the strongest stack, Mean stack becomes one of the prominent technologies to be used for your project.

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Latest Technology

Mean Stack is a new generation database technology that is fast, simple and easily manipulated. This technology holds to be the best option for real-time web applications. All these benefits and more at an affordable price.


Effortlessly flexible

Great cluster support, automatic sharing features, and easy porting makes Mean stack one of the best-favoured platforms. Developers can easily work their way out in development. For instance, coders can write the codes in NodeJS and move to AngularJS easily without any fuss.


Free & Open Source

Being open-source, Mean stack is free-to-use. This is another reason developers opt Mean Stack. It is also backed by huge community support. In case of any updates, it becomes easy to keep track of it.


Entirely JavaScript-based

JavaScript is the binding force that connects these technologies allowing you to use the same language from start to end. Coders find it easy as Mean stack relieved them from the pain of learning new languages.

Our Mean Stack Development services
Custom MEAN Stack Development

Hire our Mean stack developers who create tailor-made web, mobile and application that blends with your business needs.

MEAN Stack eCommerce Development

Give your eCommerce business a winning edge by using our expertise in this powerful technology.

MEAN Stack CMS Development

Let your content management system be efficient and outperform your competitors using MEAN stack technology.

Enterprise MEAN Stack Development

Hire Mean stack developers from VPN Infotech who will catalyse your business growth with the best-ever web/mobile applications.

MEAN stack Porting and Migration

Our team will help you port/migrate your existing web/app to this cutting-edge MEAN stack technology.

MEAN Stack support and Maintenance.

Our eminent panel of the support team will offer their best service in all MEAN stack project issues and challenges.

Why choose Rising Star Infotech as
your MEAN Stack development service providers?
Customized Services

We are enabled to give your custom-made services for smooth business operation.

Faster Time-to-Market

Project delivery that goes beyond your expectation and right on time.

Expert MEAN Stack developers

Backed by a certified team of expert developers who can be assured of your project in the right hands.

Effective testing methods

By performing manual and automated testing, we ensure the project is delivered at its best.

Full-cycle IT service providers

Not only Mobile applications but all your IT related services can be taken care of by Rising Star Infotech.

Post-sales support

Project completion. Our part doesn’t end there. We will be just a call/email away.

MEAN Stack Development process we follow


Collecting requirements

We listen and perceive your thoughts and ideas. Do thorough research of the market trends before executing the right project model for you.



Planning and designing

We listen and perceive your thoughts and ideas. Do thorough research of the market trends before executing the right project model for you.



Execution and delivery

Using the latest technological tools and development techniques, our developers will execute and launch your project.



Optimization and Support

We will ensure the project is bug-free and optimize accordingly. Our team will also deliver the best after-project support you will require.